LLM Memory is the process of giving your AI the ability to remember and learn over time. This is done by storing the history of your AI’s interactions with your users, and then using that data to improve your AI’s performance.

Use Cases

Contextual ChatGive your users a contextual chat experienceCLI Chat with Memory
Personalized ChatGive your users a personalized chat experience by managing multiple conversations and remembering messagesChat Memory Server
Conversational AgentEnable memory for your conversational agentConversational Agent with Memory


Add Session Memory

Add memory to your session by calling the Add Session Memory endpoint. This will add the memory to your session, and then index it.

Get Session Memory

Get memory from your session by calling the Get Session Memory endpoint. This will return the memory from your session.


ContextAuto-generated summary of previous historical interactions
MemoryAn array of interactions between the AI & Human
SessionA single grouping of interactions