Metal provides a way to analyze user queries and understand how users interact with your application. This is done by accesing the Analytics tab in your application dashboard.


You can also access the queries via the Metal API.


The response will be an array of objects, each representing a query.

  "data": [
      "t": "2023-08-30T11:34:35.128Z",
      "d": 0.176956892014,
      "q": "Who is the best drummer of all time?"
      "t": "2023-08-29T11:34:18.099Z",
      "d": 0.156819581985,
      "q": "Which band is represented by the iconic mascot Eddie?"


  • t: Timestamp of the query
  • d: Cosine distance between the search query and the retrieved embedding. A smaller value indicates a closer match.
  • q: Actual user query